Working Groups


The interdisciplinarity theme revolves around finding common ground between our different research fields, strengthening members’ individual work, and developing a platform for interdisciplinary research 2.0 and a new generation of scholars and scientists. We hope to elevate interdisciplinary research by identifying its unique challenges. We aim to foster excellent interdisciplinary research by reflecting on institutional conditions, disciplinary social norms we might take for granted, and individual qualities that can impede or support communication across domains. What institutional conditions and individual virtues go along with doing this type of work well? We aim to make these conditions and qualities more explicit and put them to use in new and exciting research endeavours.

Science for Society

The Science for Society working group set out four target working points for the next few years. These are: engagement with schools, sharing opinions from AYA to a broader, non-academic audience, encouraging  public debate, and providing public scientific displays about pressing societal issues such as climate change. We are especially interested in reaching audience of socio-economic backgrounds that would be less likely to come into contact with scientific research. At the moment the working group is looking into existing initiatives that target schools, while also engaging with the idea of sharing views from AYA members via opinion pieces. 

Science Policy

Working toward excellent science means creating the conditions where scientists can flourish. Policies must recognize the breadth of scientific work and the various markers of success that can be used to identify excellence. Policies must recognize that scientists are diverse people: citizens, parents, and community members defined by more than their work. Creating the conditions in which science can flourish means fostering conditions in which scientists feel stable rather than precarious, included rather than excluded, free to pursue topics that are controversial or unpopular and also free from pressures to monetize their work or produce for production’s sake only. The working group on Science policy works towards raising awareness among academia and policy makers about these issues as well as towards improving the conditions under which young researchers can flourish, be excellent and thereby contribute to future scientific progress.