Make interdisciplinarity work


The interdisciplinarity theme revolves around finding common ground between our different research fields, strengthening members’ individual work, and developing a platform for interdisciplinary research 2.0 and a new generation of scholars and scientists. We hope to elevate interdisciplinary research by identifying its unique challenges. We aim to foster excellent interdisciplinary research by reflecting on institutional conditions, disciplinary social norms we might take for granted, and individual qualities that can impede or support communication across domains. What institutional conditions and individual virtues go along with doing this type of work well? We aim to make these conditions and qualities more explicit and put them to use in new and exciting research endeavours.

The first Interdisciplinary lunches: where to get started

On Thursday, September 26, the first of our series of lunch events on interdisciplinarity took place. The purpose of the event series is to facilitate a first conversation and take action on how to best foster interdisciplinary research in Amsterdam-based academia.

In the first event we focused on the topic of “how to get started”. We meant to keep it interactive and use the opportunity to collectively identify a range of experiences with interdisciplinary research, in order to further define the themes for forthcoming events.

We kicked off by having a round of introductions of participants: lots of different backgrounds were present, including pedagogy, neuroscience, mathematics, genetics, social sciences, history and law. Participants shared what they felt were the key issues with being an interdisciplinary researcher, what the upsides were and what were the ways of overcoming potential problems. An extended summary of the discussion can be found here.

There was a lot of energy and excitement in the room, so definitely most of us are, despite the challenges, big enthusiasts about interdisciplinarity being a way forward!

Do you have ideas on what we should do in our next interdisciplinary lunches? Come and share those with us at our next event! Our next lunch is scheduled on March 11. More information can be found on our website or social media (Twitter).

If you are unable to come in person, but still would like to share your thoughts and ideas, get in touch with us through / and indicate you want to be added to the mailing list! 

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