AYA Science <+> Society Tour

Year project 2019

What scientific stories are hidden behind the Amsterdam facades? In this tour young academics reflect on well known sites and surprising locations, based on their own research. 

The AYA Science <+> Society Tour is available as an audio tour and as an extended podcast series, both in English and in Dutch. Download the izi.TRAVEL app and take the AYA Science <+> Society walking tour, or listen to the extended podcast series where ever you are.

One location in the tour is De Waag (the Weigh House) at Nieuwmarkt: known for its function as anatomical theater and meaning for the development of medical scientific research. AYA member Matthijs Brouwer, neurologist at Amsterdam UMC, explains how medical research is regulated today, why these formal procedures take too long in the event of an acute outbreak of a virus like Covid-19, and how the coronavirus crisis has brought researchers and review committees together – to prove that much more is possible than initially thought.

The tour also stops at the McDonald’s at the Damrak (how does fast-food shape our global emotions and health?), at Amsterdam Central Station (how does a station help us understand Alzheimer?) and the Rijksmuseum (what stories are told by paintings and prints about how dental problems and pains were experienced and treated, from centuries ago up to now?). Other locations in the tour are: Binnengasthuis, Ons’ Lieve heer op Solder, Maagdenhuis, and Vrankrijk.

Amsterdam Young Academy (AYA) is an independent platform where talented young academics from different disciplines meet to develop views on science, scientific policy and how to build bridges between science and society in Amsterdam.  In 2019, the AYA members decided on the AYA Science <+> Society Tour and Podcast as their communal year project, to contribute to the ambition of building bridges between science and society in Amsterdam.

In making the AYA Science <+> Society Tour and Podcast, AYA worked together with Karin van den Boogaert (Science ON AIR) and Jeroen Dessauvagie (OORKAMERS). 

AYA Science <+> Society Tour

Locations in the tour are: De Waag, Binnengasthuis, Central Station, Ons’ Lieve Heer op Solder, Rijksmuseum, Maagdenhuis, Vrankrijk, and Damrak.

AYA Science <+> Society Tour in the media:

In Nieuws en Co (Radio 1) on October 16 (re-listen here, in the 18.00-18.30h timeslot), Linda Douw walked part of the tour (Central Station and de Waag), explaining about AYA’s mission to build bridges between science and society.