2019: Escape Room

An escape room is the perfect field lab to study group dynamics. The popularity of escape rooms is rising rapidly and AYA wants to interact with society and perform interdisciplinary research in an Amsterdam-based escape room to decipher what factors determine the perfect escape. What is the best group composition for the perfect escape? How do group dynamics influence the escape success rate? And how do group dynamics change upon additional stressors during the escape challenge? These questions will be addressed by collecting baseline characteristics, personality traits and the relationships of the group participants using questionnaires. While playing the game, interaction between the participants is captured by video cameras with voice recording. The physical response of participants is collected by heart rate monitor watches. By coding the group interactions – e.g. who interacts with who, and for how long, and does that result in prolonged successful collaboration – the project group will construct a temporal network of group communication. This way, the communication structures of the group, while playing the game, thus while facing challenges. can be studied. Additionally, the project will collect quantitative data on escape duration, successful use of hints, and ultimately success or failure to escape. This will allow the researchers to associate group dynamics with outcome over the sample of escapes collected.