Ten new members for AYA

Four young academics from VU Amsterdam, five from the University of Amsterdam and one from Amsterdam UMC were appointed to the Amsterdam Young Academy during the inauguration on November 8. In addition, the rectors of the VU and UvA handed out the first AYA Recognition & Reward Awards during the inauguration of the new members.

For the first time this year, awards were handed out on behalf of AYA to scientific and support staff whose achievements or activities are often overlooked in the current system: the AYA Recognition & Reward Awards. Winners of the prizes not only received a shiny cup, but also a cash prize of € 2,000 to use within the context of their university. Lecturer Bregje van Groningen (lecturer Youth & Media Entertainment, UvA) won the prize for ‘Teaching’, Dr Diletta Martinelli won the prize for ‘Societal Impact’ and Dr Floris Vermeulen won the prize for ‘Academic Community Care’. You can read more about this on AmsterdamYoungAcademy.nl.

Ten new members


  • Femke van der Wilt (Family studies)
  • Nadia Ismaili (Law)
  • Lachezar Yanev (Law)
  • Berend van der Kolk (Accounting)


  • Klaas Eller (Law)
  • Vittoria Scalera (International Business)
  • meLê Yamomo (Theatre studies)
  • Diletta Marinelli (Mathematics)
  • Marie Deserno (Psychology)

Amsterdam UMC:

  • Tiago Reis Matos (Dermatologie)

Winners of the AYA R&R Awards:

  • Teaching: Bregje van Groningen (lecturer Youth & Media Entertainment, UvA)
  • Societal Impact: Diletta Martinelli (assistent professor, UvA)
  • Academic Community Care: Floris Vermeulen (associate professor, UvA)


For more information, please contact the Amsterdam Young Academy office via: aya@uva.nl or aya@vu.nl. More information specifically about the Recognition & Reward Awards can be found here.