Dr. Tiago Matos is a Dermatologist and scientist with 2 distinct Ph.D.s: one in immunology, and the other in Biomedical Sciences (both cum laude). While at Harvard Medical School, dr. Matos led multiple translational studies on immunology, hematology, and dermatology, receiving numerous grants, awards, and publishing original articles in journals like Nature Immunology and Science Immunology. He thrives to improve treatments for immunologic diseases while providing novel insights into human immune responses. His work led to “a critical and groundbreaking redefinition of the cutaneous immune system” as described by The Scientist Magazine.

Dr. Matos’s enthusiasm for biotech led him to receive biotech awards and be part of biomedical startups, Clinical Research Organizations and hold several consultancy positions for renowned pharmaceutical companies. In his free time, Tiago volunteers for initiatives that promote Global Health and enjoys sharing a laugh with friends and family, CrossFit, and long walks in nature.

Tiago Matos

Dermatologist and Research Fellow Faculty of Medicine (AUMC/UvA) LinkedIn profile