Dr. Tessa Blanken is a postdoctoral researcher at the Psychological Methods department at the University of Amsterdam. In her research, she uses network analyses, complexity science, and other data scientific techniques to investigate research questions that are societally relevant. After completing her PhD in early 2020, she co-founded the interdisciplinary platform Science versus Corona, including a data consultancy desk, to unite scientists across disciplines to understand and combat the coronavirus. She led the work on behavioral contact networks with the goal to identify behavioural interventions to mitigate the virus spread. Currently, she focuses on two research lines: one on the role of sleep in the development, prevention, and intervention of depression; and another on human behaviour simulation to measure, explain, and model human behaviour with the goal to find substantiated and practical solutions to societal questions.

Tessa Blanken

Postdoctoral Researcher at Psychological Methods Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences UvA

Articles by Tessa Blanken

Evaluating the Starting Grants: An AYA perspective

The Amsterdam Young Academy launches a survey on the implementation of the Starting Grants. Assistant professors at the UvA and the VU are invited to share their experiences.