Silke Muylaert currently engages in post-doctoral research at the Faculty of Religion and Theology of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her research concentrates on sixteenth-century Reformed refugees who fled the Low Countries. She completed her doctoral studies in England at the University of Kent and received the Huguenot Scholarship in 2015.

Silke Muylaert

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Articles by Silke Muylaert

The University of The Future: Building institutional trust from below

AYA Magazine #2

I dream of a university where it is more than a place just to teach, just to research, just to meet, or just to deal with work politics, but an academic home where everything and everyone are entangled and vibrantly connected to each other to create fulfilment.

First-generation academics and the insurmountable work pressure

AYA Magazine #2

During a conversation on work-life balance in academia, we realised that we both had different outlooks on the topic. We wondered what the effects were of being the first person in a family to pursue an academic career on a person’s mindset and success within academia.