Katinka van der Kooij (1981) started her career writing fiction but soon discovered the human brain was mysterious enough. She obtained her PhD in 3D perception at Utrecht University and afterwards performed post-docs in Industrial Design and Human Movement Sciences. Now she investigates human motor learning at the VU Amsterdam.

Katinka van der Kooij

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Articles by Katinka van der Kooij

How mythical is the academic superhero?

AYA Magazine #2

One of the beautiful aspects of academia is that it is a place where we can strive for the impossible. In the #mythicalsuperhero campaign, we visualised the academic superhero to ask ourselves: are they a healthy incentive or not?

First-generation academics and the insurmountable work pressure

AYA Magazine #2

During a conversation on work-life balance in academia, we realised that we both had different outlooks on the topic. We wondered what the effects were of being the first person in a family to pursue an academic career on a person’s mindset and success within academia.