Meet the board of 2019


On Tuesday, February 12 2019, the new board of the Amsterdam Young Academy was officially installed in the city center of Amsterdam. The board consists of five members who have all been part of AYA since its launch in the fall of 2018. The new board consists of: Linda Douw (Faculty of Medicine, VU), Silke Muylaert (Faculty of Theology en Religion, VU), Maria Weimer (Faculty of Law, UvA), Helmer Helmers (Faculty of Humanities UvA, Jonge Akademie member) and Rik Peels (Faculty of Humanities VU, chairman).

During their first meeting, the new board shared the plans they will address over the next year. As a group the Amsterdam Young Academy  members will work on an app in which stories on science and society in Amsterdam are collected. Moreover the Amsterdam Young Academy will develop an Escape Room format, with topics related to science in the capital. 

With these projects the AYA board wants to focus on developing new ideas about science, science policy and the role science has in our society. Their research will be interdisciplinary and geared towards challenges that specifically relate to the city of Amsterdam.  

Please find more information on all members here.

Are you interested in the Amsterdam Young Academy and would you like to speak to the board members? Please contact the AYA office for more information.

From left to right: Rik Peels, Silke Muylaert, Helmer Helmers, Maria Weimar and Linda Douw.

The AYA board, from left to right: Rik Peels, Silke Muylaert, Helmer Helmers, Maria Weimer and Linda Douw.