Caring for Science - October 15, 19.00h, UvA Doelenzaal


October 15, 2021 / 19h – 21.30 

University of Amsterdam Library, Doelenzaal 

Live with stream 

Academic competition to reach the upper echelons of the university has come to resemble the labours of Hercules. Academics, both educators and researchers, are expected to be mythical superheroes. But what does such a survival of the fittest approach mean for science? For the people who do science? For the type of science that is being produced? And who sets the bar for those who “do” science?  

This event critically explores discussions around work pressure in academia, the award and recognition debate, social safety, complexities of open science and impossibilities of inclusion in universities. These questions are pressing because of the recent response letter written by a group of professors to Erkennen en waarderen in the ScienceGuide and the recent exposé on the exploitation of PhD researchers in the national news. We invite you to join this event and discuss with us the effects of current approaches in organizing university education, research and, how academics are being evaluated. 

This event is organized by the Amsterdam Young Academy as an act of care, demonstrating we care for inclusive, generous and critical knowledge production by promoting critical engagement and conversations. How can we care for science, and the professional lives that are tied up with it? 

You can register for this event through this link. 



  • Opening remarks
    • Dr. Younes Saramifar (Social and Cultural Anthropology, VU) & Dr. Hanneke Stuit (Literary and Cultural Analysis, UvA)

  • Conversation Recognition and Reward including Q&A
    • Prof.dr. Hanneke Hulst (Health, Medical and Neuropsychology, Leiden)
    • Dr. Linda Douw (Anatomy and Neurosciences, Amsterdam UMC)
    • Dr. Raymond Poot (Cell Biology, Erasmus MC)

20:00            Break


  • Panel discussion “Visions on Care and Science”

What does it mean to care for science? Why does the academic community require a vision for caring? How can care be put into practice?

    • Prof. dr. Jeannette Pols (Anthropology of Health, Care and Body, UvA) and dr. Sonja Jerak – Zuiderent (Ethics, Law and Humanities, Amsterdam UMC)
    • Prof. dr. Lorraine Nencel (Sociology of Identities, Diversity and Inclusion, VU University Amsterdam)
    • Prof.dr. Susan Legêne (Political History, VU University Amsterdam)
    • Prof.dr. Paola Gori-Giorgi (Theoretical Chemistry, VU University Amsterdam)


  • Closing remarks
    • Prof.dr. Rens Bod (Computational and Digital Humanities, UvA)
    • Prof.dr. Sarah de Rijcke (Science and Evaluation Studies, Centre for Science and Technology Studies, Leiden University)


  • Drinks