AYA welcomes 10 new members


Amsterdam Young Academy (AYA) proudly presents 10 new members

On November 12th, Amsterdam Young Academy welcomed 10 new members. Each year, the faculties of VU University and the University of Amsterdam are asked to nominate candidates for the membership of AYA: a network of young academics at VU, UvA and Amsterdam UMC.

AYA is an independent platform where talented academics from different disciplines meet to develop views on science, science policy and how to build bridges between science and society in Amsterdam. AYA was founded in 2018 by Amsterdam-based members of De Jonge Akademie.

The ten new members in 2020 are:

Theo Araujo (Communication Science, UvA)
Theo Araujo is Associate Professor in Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. His research focuses on the increasing adoption of artificial intelligence and of automation in our communication environment, and on computational social science. He is also co-director of the Digital Communication Methods Lab, and of the Communication in the Digital Society initiative at the Department of Communication Science (UvA).

Elsje van Bergen (Biological Psychology, VU)
Dr Elsje van Bergen is Assistant Professor in Biological Psychology and integrates theories and methods from psychology, education, and genetics to study educational achievement. She studies the causes and consequences of differences between children in how well they do in reading and math, and unravels how genetic and environmental influences on skills work together in complex ways.

Lianne Boer (Transnational Legal Studies, VU)
Lianne Boer is Assistant Professor of Public International Law at VU Amsterdam, and a Research Fellow at the Centre for the Politics of Transnational Law. Her research deals with the (socio)linguistics of knowledge construction in international legal scholarship. She was previously visiting PhD scholar at the University of Cambridge, and Kathleen Fitzpatrick Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow at Melbourne Law School. Her recent publications include an edited volume with Sofia Stolk, called Backstage Practices of Transnational Law (Routledge).

Emily Burdfield-Steel (Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics, UvA)
Emily Burdfield-Steel is an Assistant Professor of Chemical Ecology at the University of Amsterdam. She studies the evolution of mating communication systems in response to reproductive interference and the role of chemical and visual signals in aposematic insect populations. She is particularly interested in how intra- and inter-specific species communication shapes evolution.

Coosje Dijkstra (Nutrition & Health, VU)
Coosje Dijkstra is an assistant professor at the Department of Health sciences, section Youth and Lifestyle at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Public Health research institute. She is trained as a nutritionist and epidemiologist and working on different research projects aiming to decrease socioeconomic inequalities in dietary intake, dietary behavior and the food environment of children, adolescence and their parents.

Romy van der Lee (Organisation Sciences, VU)
Romy van der Lee is Assistant Professor at the Department of Organisation Sciences at the VU Amsterdam. Her research focuses on deviance in the context of social groups, such as (gender) diversity in teams and organisations. More broadly, she is interested in interventions that foster inclusion and science acceptance.

Boris Noordenbos (Literary & Cultural Studies, UvA)
Boris Noordenbos is Associate Professor in Literary & Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. Research explores issues of nostalgia, trauma and conspiracy theory, as they are expressed in literature, film and online culture. Boris is the Principle Investigator in the ERC-funded research project Conspiratorial Memory: Cultures of Suspicion in Post-Socialist Europe (2021-2026).

Younes Saramifar (Cultural Anthropology, VU)
Younes Saramifar is an assistant professor of cultural anthropology with two doctorates.  He is hitch hiking between the act of killing, violence, nonstate combatants/activists and material expressions of everyday life. He crafts interdisciplinary approaches and is baffled why he ends up in weird and lesser explored corners of existence.

Tom Seijkens (Internal Medicine, Amsterdam UMC)
Tom Seijkens studied Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Maastricht University. He obtained his PhD degree in cardiovascular sciences and experimental immunotherapies in 2014 from the University of Amsterdam. Tom presently works as internist-hematologist in training at the Amsterdam UMC, which he combines with translational research in the field of immunotherapies.

Tommy Tse (Media Studies, UvA)
Tommy Tse is an Assistant Professor at the Media Studies Department. He specialises in Asia’s cultural industries, consumer culture, creative labour and fashion. Before joining UvA, Tse taught at the Department of Sociology, University of Hong Kong. He is an Editorial Board Member of International Journal of Fashion Studies and an Associate Board Member of Work, Employment and Society.

AYA 2020 new member inauguration

On November 12th, Amsterdam Young Academy welcomed 10 new members!

This festive digital event revolved around the theme of freehavens ('vrijplaatsen'), on the one hand because of Amsterdam's long history of fringe and counterculture, and on the other hand because of the university's fundamental role in society as an intellectual freehaven. What does the concept personally mean to these new members, literally and metaphorically? Is it a physical space, a conceptual idea, something else? 

For more information (also in Dutch) and high res images, please contact the Amsterdam Young Academy office via: aya@uva.nl or aya@vu.nl