AYA event: Interdisciplinarity Lunch #2

Join us for a lunch conversation on how to do interdisciplinary research!

Interdisciplinarity: how to get organized - Second lunch on interdisciplinary research, 23 October 2019

Organized by the Interdisciplinarity Group of the Amsterdam Young Academy

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When: Wednesday October 23, between 12.00h and 13.00h

Where: Uva Roeterseiland Campus Building C - Room C2.02

Who: Claartje Rasterhoff and Ivar Vermeulen

It often takes considerable organizational talent to get interdisciplinary research off the ground, quite apart from the intellectual challenge to breach disciplinary boundaries,. Nevertheless, these institutional opportunities and constraints are hardly discussed at a general level. The second lunch meeting on interdisciplinary research therefore focuses on organizational practicalities: how to set the conditions for fruitful collaboration between researchers from different faculties, research cultures and institutional backgrounds? What financial, logistical, cultural and institutional factors should researchers consider when they aim to set up an interdisciplinary research team collaboration?

Urban historian Claartje Rasterhoff (Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam) will share her experiences regarding the conditions for interdisciplinary research, based on her involvement within the program Creative Amsterdam: An E-Humanities Perspective (CREATE), a collaboration between the interdisciplinary Centre for Digital Humanities and the Intelligent Systems Lab Amsterdam at UvA’s Informatics Institute (ISLA). The second speaker is Ivar Vermeulen, director of the Network Institute, who will present the Network Institute's current initiatives that support interdisciplinary research.

Participants are invited to write down a question concerning the organizational conditions for interdisciplinary research at the start of the meeting. During the second part of the lunch meeting, small groups will be formed based on these (clustered) questions to address some of the key institutional challenges with regards to interdisciplinary research.


12.00-12.10 Opening/collecting questions

12.10-12.20 Claartje Rasterhoff on the conditions for interdisciplinary research within the CREATE project

12.20-12.30 Ivar Vermeulen on interdisciplinary research policies

12.30-13.00 Group discussions concerning the conditions for interdisciplinary research

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