Amsterdam Young Academy

'Universiteiten, onttrek je aan die onzinnige internationale ranglijsten'

Opiniestuk AYA-leden in Het Parool

De UvA en VU moeten niet meer meedoen aan de internationale ranglijsten waarin de zogenaamd beste universiteiten op een rijtje worden gezet, stellen leden van de Amsterdam Young Academy in een opiniestuk in Het Parool.

Tips & Tricks

A Guide to Academic Work Across Disciplines

There’s nothing more useful than a listicle to end this interdisciplinarity guide. We have condensed the top 10 tips and tricks from our many interviews.

System: What is the influence of funding, publishing and promotion?

A Guide to Academic Work Across Disciplines

All academics are embedded within an academic landscape. Unfortunately, most of our interviewees are concerned the current academic landscape prompts most researchers to shy away from interdisciplinary research.

AYA R&R Awards 2023: education quality, Hack4Her and inclusion

The winners of the AYA 2023 Recognition & Reward Awards have won the prizes for their work on improving education quality, organizing events that are aimed on to involve more women and to make recruitment procedures more inclusive.

On Tuesday, 7 November, the rectores of VU and UvA handed out the second AYA Recognition & Reward Awards during…

Ten new AYA members!

This evening, ten new young academics have been inaugurated into the Amsterdam Young Academy

Six young academics from VU Amsterdam, three from the University of Amsterdam and one from Amsterdam UMC were appointed to the Amsterdam Young Academy during the inauguration on November 7.

Ten new members for AYA

Four young academics from VU Amsterdam, five from the University of Amsterdam and one from Amsterdam UMC were appointed to AYA. See who they are!


Ghizlane Aarab ACTA

Associate Professor in Oral Movement Disorders

Ivano Malavolta Faculty of Science VU

Assistant Professor Data-Driven Software Engineering

Johanna Koehler Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) VU

Assistant Professor Environmental Policy and Governance

Vittoria Scalera Faculty of Economics and Business UvA

Associate Professor of International Business

Lianne Boer Transnational Legal Studies VU

Assistant Professor Public International Law

Eva Whitehead Faculty of Law VU

Assistant Professor Criminology

Hanneke Stuit Faculty of Humanities UvA

Assistant Professor Literary and Cultural Analysis & Postdoctoral Researcher