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Mathematics activities in Africa – supported by AYA

Mathematics activities in Africa - supported by AYA By Diletta Martinelli I have the long-term ambition to create a structural…

Tips & Tricks

A Guide to Academic Work Across Disciplines

There’s nothing more useful than a listicle to end this interdisciplinarity guide. We have condensed the top 10 tips and tricks from our many interviews.

System: What is the influence of funding, publishing and promotion?

A Guide to Academic Work Across Disciplines

All academics are embedded within an academic landscape. Unfortunately, most of our interviewees are concerned the current academic landscape prompts most researchers to shy away from interdisciplinary research.

AYA Recognition & Rewards Award

The second round of AYA R&R Awards is launched.

AYA welcomes and supports the current attention to Recognition & Rewards in Dutch academia and is committed to furthering forms of excellence and academic community care that are often overlooked in the current system. In line with this commitment, we have launched a new award aimed at academic staff at UvA and VU whose exceptional contributions to the academy might remain below the radar, but nevertheless are essential for a healthy university, be it in the form of teaching, societal impact, or of academic community support as a colleague, teacher, supervisor or mentor. After a successful first edition in 2022, the AYA Recognition & Rewards Award is now going into its second round.

Romy van der Lee and Bert Bakker co-chairs Amsterdam Young Academy

Romy van der Lee (VU) and Bert Bakker (UvA) have been appointed as co-chairs of the board of the Amsterdam Young Academy (AYA) by the General Assembly. With the chair being fulfilled by two board members, the VU and the UvA will be better represented and links between the universities will be strengthened.

Ten new members for AYA

Four young academics from VU Amsterdam, five from the University of Amsterdam and one from Amsterdam UMC were appointed to AYA. See who they are!


Younes Saramifar Cultural Anthropology VU

Assistant Professor Cultural Anthropology

Hans Koster School of Business and Economics VU

Professor in Urban Economics and Real Estate

Bastian Jaeger Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences VU

Assistant Professor Organizational Psychology

Bert Bakker Amsterdam School of Communication Research UvA

Associate Professor Good Research Practices

Pieter Coppens Faculty of Religion and Theology VU

Assistant Professor Islamic Theology and Spiritual Care

Boris Noordenbos Faculty of Humanities UvA

Associate Professor Literary & Cultural Analysis

Carla Ribeiro Faculty of Medicine UvA

Assistant Professor Experimental Immunology

meLê Yamomo Faculty of Humanities UvA

Assistant Professor Theatre Studies